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Sharing Faith and Encouragement is the Name of the Game. . .

. . . only it’s not a game, it’s a “calling.” One of our dear Locums, filling in on a Friday, just before Christmas, was pleased to see one of his fellow parishioners on duty in one of the wards he was visiting. She invited him to come and pray with the staff, “They have had such a hard day. We’ve had two deaths today,” she explained. “We’re all really spent.”

He didn’t hesitate, but he paused to reflect and ask God to help him. He had never been asked to join the whole nursing staff before and to walk the hall of the ward and pray. Obviously, they couldn’t go into each room, but they could begin at the far end and move on through, invoking God’s blessing and care on the patients and those dear nurses who were spent with caring.

“Oh, please God, bless these halls and these spaces where your precious ones are lying and waiting to have your touch. Be with their families and friends during this Holy Season and be especially with these who are here on this very day caring for them.”

. . . he continued to pray as they slowly walked, a group of seven, intoning their solemn thoughts and prayer and calling on Thee One who is always waiting to hear.

He said, “I have never experienced anything quite so holy and breath-taking as that walk. I don’t know if I prayed correctly or how it all came together, but we all felt His Presence and His Pleasure at our requests and our “call” to serve Him by serving others.

What a Holy Time.

-From a Locum in Northland

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