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We serve the public

We are a registered charitable organisation, formed by our partner churches and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

A small team in Wellington manages the operation of a nationwide chaplaincy service. Within each region, a Local Support Group (LSG) of volunteer members provides support and pastoral care to their chaplaincy team and is our critical link to the community.

Volunteer Chaplaincy Assistants (VCA) are there to help chaplains with day-to-day activities. They are a large part of the chaplaincy ministry and responsible to their chaplain.

Our leadership team(get in contact)

   Rev. Tim Pratt

    National Manager

   Keith Ardern

    Finance Manager

John Barnett


Judy Lyons

Office Manager

Anna Northcott

Supporter Relations

   Rev. Amy Finiki

    Communications Advisor

We provide hospitals with ecumenical chaplains

Ecumenical means “Belonging to the whole world; universal, general, world-wide“. It means recognising and embracing the differences that make us human.

Our chaplains work alongside the DHBs to offer patients and their whanau or family emotional and spiritual care in times of need. They are there to listen and offer comfort where welcome, regardless of a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

With all the cutbacks, staff restructuring, and constant changes that happen to healthcare teams within hospitals, our chaplains are also there to provide a safe and confidential listening ear for hospital staff.

For many, being a hospital chaplain is a calling, and they approach it with passion, reverence, and insight.

Our chaplains make a difference

The hospital chaplain brought sweet peas from his garden and held them so I could smell their scent. We talked.

Most people in a hospital come and go: those in the beds to you, the nurses and doctors. The Chaplain was the only constant one.

I support hospital chaplaincy with a monthly gift because a chaplain once saved my life, my sanity.

Professional integrity

For many hospitals, chaplains fulfil a vital healthcare objective. We a proud to be supported by the Ministry of Health and work alongside the DHBs to ensure our chaplains are held to a high standard of professionalism.

Support your local hospital chaplaincy

You can sustain the work we do in your region by making a donation or by applying for a volunteer position.

Volunteer with a chaplaincy team

Chaplains rely on the support of their local community to continue the great work they do. Volunteering with a local team involves working alongside the chaplains to help provide pastoral care to friends, family, patients, and staff.

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